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BVTA Leagues

General Rules and Requirements 

1. All league players must be at least 18 years old.

2. League fees will be determined by the BVTA Board of Directors, for each session, per player. Balls are included in the league fee.

3. League fees are to be paid online at the time of registration. 

4. All final scores will be reported to the designated League Coordinator at the conclusion of the match. Included will be all players’ names, who won, and the score, including the points in a tie-break, if played.

5. League rosters are permanent on the entry deadline date. There will be a substitute list available.

6. Players are expected to find their own subs from the provided sub list. You must let the league coordinator know the name of your sub before the match.

7. Please arrive at the courts on time and ready to play. Warm-up, including serves is 15 minutes prior to start of match. We do not play “first ball in.” When the first ball is served, the match has begun.

8. Players who leave prior to match completion, or are unable to complete the match for any reason, take only the points earned in completed sets. USTA rules are used for calls and decisions, including court etiquette.

9. Matches will be played on community designated courts. Parking information will be provided to you prior to your first match.

10. Individuals must bring their own water, restrooms may not be available.

11. One 10 minute rest period between the second (2nd) and third (3rd) set only.

Reporting BVTA League Scores

Please utilize the Google Form below to enter league score information each week. Mobile users will need to input information at the following link:

If there are questions/issues with reporting scores, please contact

League Standings Table

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